Most of us are not aware of or appreciate the beauty around us. We fail to grasp the importance of certain values, emotions and feelings. Being positive and having fun is very important at this point. With my designs, I try to show people the beauties in nature, their surroundings, even before their eyes, and their importance, and try to give them positive energy and make them happy. This can be with a product design, an interior design or a lighting design. Regardless of the field, I aim to design things that will make both people and myself happy, together with the works I love. We all have the right to be happy and see beauty, and I try to achieve this with my designs.

Architectural Design + Interior Design

Lighting Design + Product Design

There is a saying of Italian designer Achille Castiglioni, who impressed me with his timeless designs and thoughts and whom I love very much; ”If you are not curious forget it”. His words have always pushed me to be curious. This curiosity also offers me different perspectives in the design processes, especially in the research part. When I can look at the things around me from different angles without losing my sense of curiosity; A movie, music, book, cartoon, nature, a conversation with coffee, a walk or even an object can create a spark in my mind and be a source of inspiration. But this mostly happens when I look at nature, because there is a resource that we can call unlimited, in every sense. We should always use it for good. It makes me happy to transform these beauties, a plant, form or color scale in nature, into a different form and design and present this to people and remind them of the importance of nature. So for me, we can get inspiration from everything, as long as we can see the beautiful and the good, interpret it with different feelings and perspectives, show them to others, and touch their souls with our designs…