About us
Turan Oztopal Architects+Design Studio is a multidisciplinary studio founded in Italy and now active in Turkey. Our studio focus on architecture, lighting, interior, product and graphic design with our great experience and background in Milan…
Our mission
We believe that the design should be conceived as a dialogue between people and space/product. With our experience in Italy, we have seen that design can change the spirit of space which gives you a good quality of life and also it gives you inspiration. So we always make an effort to achieve this idea to our clients and make them happy in this life.
We love to experiential design that gives you a soul of design…
Our history
2011-2016 Bachelor Degree of Architecture, Izmir, Turkey
2016-2017  Work SO+Coffeemania Architecture Firm, Izmir, Turkey
2017-2019  Master’s Degree of Lighting Design and LED Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
2018  Apprenticeships at Migliore+Servetto Architects, Milan, Italy
2019  Found Turan Oztopal Architects+Design Studio
2020 Milan Design Week – Isola Design District
Turan – Architect & Lighting Designer
During my time in Milan, visiting many important exhibitions, fairs and museums and seeing the works of famous designers on site has been a source of motivation and inspiration for me. I started to wonder how my designs in my imagination would turn into a product physically, how they would communicate with the user in the real world, and whether they could be exhibited in international fairs. This sense of curiosity made me look at my career from a different perspective. Thus, I started to realize my designs both on the sketch and in the digital environment.
Seeing that art and design feed on each other in Milan gave me a different inspiration. In addition to functionality, I started to use more aesthetic elements in my designs. In this respect, Milan taught me to nourish myself with art during my design processes. I started to simplify by reducing unnecessary details and to show the beauties under my design ideas in a simple way.
As a result, as soon as I returned from Italy, I founded our own design studio in 2019. I am currently realizing my own designs and I am very happy for that.